What We Do

Our Mission

The Wheelhouse partners with donors and volunteers to provide a supportive environment and recovery tools where men can free themselves from the grip of alcohol and drug addiction to return to society as functional, useful and responsible members.

What We Do

SINCE 1952, The Wheelhouse has taken in men who need one more chance… men who have nowhere else to go… men who have no hope. What started as simply one man, a recovered alcoholic, helping another alcoholic, has expanded into a life-changing model that has seen hundreds of men recover from the disease of alcoholism. This model is focused on building authentic relationships that help bring relational, physical, and spiritual healing and restoration to those served.

First Phase

“30 Day House”

30 Day Program

The first 30 days at The Wheelhouse are critical. Men are required to stay at the Wheelhouse 24 hours a day for the first 30 days and it is completely free to them. The first step in recovery is detox. Many programs rely on prescription drugs to make detox easy and less painful. The Wheelhouse takes a different approach. Our belief is that men need to feel the dis - ease as their body rids itself of the dependence on alcohol. We require men who want to enter our program to experience detox in a safe environment at our facility.

Once they emerge from detox, The Wheelhouse provides them with a bed, food, clothing and all necessities. They study the 12 Steps and attend AA meetings at our facility. They do not work. They do not watch tv. They do not visit their friends and family. They work on getting into recovery and the 12 Steps. Alumni of The Wheelhouse visit daily, become mentors and sponsors and attend AA meetings with them.

Because addiction tends to be generational, many of the men who come to us don’t have basic life skills… how to cook, clean, or do laundry. Each man has a job at The Wheelhouse and learns important life skills.

A recent graduate of The Wheelhouse serves as the House Manager and additional support to the guys.

2nd Phase

“3/4 House”

90 Day Program

Once a man completes our 30-day program, he can move into the next phase. Participants continue to live at The Wheelhouse for the additional support they need but are allowed to work and volunteer in the community. They continue to attend AA meetings at The Wheelhouse and work on their steps. The men pay a modest fee in this phase, which helps cover the cost of living expenses.