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What was life like growing up?

Very confusing. A lot of pain and uncertainty. My biological father passed when I was three. I ended up getting separated from my family, foster care four years, being moved from home to home, no stability. I ended up getting adopted and went through a very abusive situation.

Did any members of your family have a problem with addiction?

I don't have any information on my biological family. My adoptive parents, none of them suffered from drug or alcohol addiction.

What led you to The Wheelhouse?

A series of sprees. Multiple Rock bottoms.

What was the biggest challenge you were facing before you got to The Wheelhouse?

Manageability, structure, discipline, being a part of relationships, fellowship. I isolated allot.

What did you do to try to solve this Challenge on your own?

I tried to come up with ways that I could get away with, handle, all my emotional, my baggage, so that I could drink like a normal person. I never really wanted to quit. I just wanted to be able to handle drinking, to control it.

What is a problem that the Wheelhouse has solved for you?

I now understand and comprehend what it is to be an alcoholic. I know now that I can never drink like I wish to drink without any consequences. The Wheelhouse has taught me how to face my issues on a spiritual plane rather than just drinking the emotion away.  

Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out to you, going thru The Wheelhouse?

A moment that stands out in The Wheelhouse would be when I was here about 2 and 1/2 weeks in and I finally went to this “God” that I didn't really understand, but I wanted to understand, and I cried out for help. I surrendered.

How did it feel when you knew you could get help for yourself?

It gave me a lot of hope seeing how this place, how it has worked for others. Seeing all the success here has really helped me with believing that I could also have this thing.

What is your outlook for the future?

I don’t have an obsession,  the obsession that I can control my drinking. That has been removed. The insanity of me having to fight this thing has been removed. I know now that I can't fight this battle on my own. I have rules now that I have to follow, the 12 steps. I can have peace and serenity and sobriety.

How has the experience at The Wheelhouse changed your life?

My sanity has been restored. The Fellowship of AA is here for me. The Wheelhouse has allowed me to move on with a belief that there is a better future for me. I don't regret the past now. I can actually use the experiences that I've been through to help another person.

What do you wish other people knew about The Wheelhouse?

That it's a structured environment, disciplined. The Wheelhouse teaches us how to follow the rules. They also help us to get on tract in order for us to recreate our lives.

What has been most surprising to you during your time at The Wheelhouse?

The fact that I would actually buy into, that I would adopt, this concept that there is a solution and that the solution for me is in the 12 steps.

What have you learned about yourself from your experience with The Wheelhouse?

That I actually I have a lot of good things inside of me. God is inside of me and it's brought out this love that I didn't think that I actually had. I have human relationships with people today. I no longer feel like I have to run from my problems.

I have a better way of living.

Duane Young