What was life like growing up?

Very challenging. My mother had a houseful. My dad was a military man ran his houses as such. I was rebellious.

Did any members of your family have a problem with addiction and if so what was that like?

There was a lot of alcohol around: funerals, reunions Quinceañeras. But addiction was never a big deal. I never saw it. I think I'm the only one.

What was life like before you got to The Wheelhouse?

I was basically stuck at a hotel room in Missouri City. I was on a spree of crack cocaine. My family had pictures of me going around asking if anyone has seen this person. The police wanted to take me but they let my brother take me. I finished everything I had and the next morning he brought me to The Wheelhouse.

What was the biggest challenge you were facing before you got to The Wheelhouse?

I didn't think this was ever going to work. Being sober.

What did you do to try to solve this Challenge on your own?

I couldn't. There was no trying to figure it out. It’s like figuring out a math problem on your own without a calculator and someone to teach you.

Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out to you right now?

Since I’ve been sober, when my wife got her diagnosis. She’s experiencing headaches and seizures. They found 11 tumors in her brain and this was a hard pill to swallow. We barely making it. So I come to The Wheelhouse and guys here say anything we can do to help. And The Wheelhouse was there for us. I'm forever, until I'm old and gray can barely walk, I'm forever in debt to the Wheelhouse

How has your experience at the Wheelhouse changed your life?

If it isn’t yours don't touch it. If it isn’t true don’t say it. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. Make your bed. Be nice and clean and shaved. Do things right. Follow thru. Have some consistency.

What do you wish other people knew about the Wheelhouse?

I didn't have nothing and my life has transformed. There's miracles happening here. They call big book boot camp. And you want to know something about the Wheelhouse walk in the doors and you see a sign that says this is God's house. We are about helping one another.

What has been most surprising to you during your time since going thru The Wheelhouse?

This facility. This new, big brand new facility.

What have you learned about yourself since going thru The Wheelhouse?

I'm still learning. I’m no different than that man in that first chair. I'm grounded now. I’ve got a foundation. Everything around me is God's universe. … so … I'm speechless when it comes to saying something about this place man. This is another home. I come home here you know.

I come home here.

Duane Young